Installation time 30-45 minutes

By Customer Spencer.

Tools needed
• Drill with No. 0 Philips Bit
• Pliers or Tweezers to remove excess paper

Alright, lets get started. First open up your fence art package that you received

As you can see, this package includes the fence art, instructions, screws, and a paper template for prepping.

Grab that paper template and find that perfect spot for your new decor

I skipped this step but for precision I would suggest taping the paper template to the fence and using it as a guide.
This way you can avoid any slippage and miss drilled holes.

Start by predrilling your holes. This prevents split fence boards

After the holes are drilled you simply move on to screwing everything in place!

Congratulations! You are all done and now the fence art is ready for the whole family to enjoy