Scott and Debbie have been together for over 25 years and have always been hands on, D.I.Y. type of people.

Some years ago, while Scott was repairing a neighbour’s deck, the neighbour commented on his new fence, he recently had installed, and said “It’s nice, but it’s still just a fence. Do you know of anything that could make it look better or enhance it. “Not off hand” Scott said, “But I’ll think about it.”

Experimenting with laser cut sheet metal and powder coating original art images that Scott and Debbie had drawn by local Vancouver artists, the concept of “Fence Art” seemed to be just out of the budget for most people. The idea rested for nearly 4 years.

Debbie decided she wanted to revive it and thought if she learned how to do the laser cutting, she could reduce the production costs. While learning how to use a rental laser cutter in Vancouver, Scott and Debbie discovered industrial grade ABS that could be purchased locally and would require no powder coating, wouldn’t rust, could survive the elements anywhere, and was less expensive than even light gauge sheet metal.

Today, West Coast Fence Art does both their own images and custom pieces as limited as your imagination.